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Getting a great auto window tint job done to your vehicle’s windows is an easy-to-accomplish task that is not only effective but also aesthetically pleasing way to protect your automobile and improve its overall looks. In the North Hollywood area of Southern California, there are literally hundreds of mobile tinting providers available for you to choose from. When you are trying to sort out the companies who know what they are doing from those who are simply interested in taking your money, one of the key factors to consider is the length of time the company has been in business along with their customer service reputation. One company that meets and constantly exceeds the expected level of service by its customers is Mobile Tinting Pros. We have been in business for more than 20 years, and we know how to take care of our customers. Our company provides some of the highest quality tinting services available in the local area and we provide service to the North Hollywood, Panorama City, and Sun Valley areas of Southern California. All of our work comes with a lifetime warranty, and you never have to worry about having inexperienced technicians work on your automobile when you put Mobile Tinting Pros on the job.

During our company’s more than two decades in business, we have found that most consumers do not understand California state law when it comes to what we can do with your window tint. One of the first rules that we have to explain to our customers is that the state does not provide a medical exemption from the max tint that can be applied to customer’s auto windows like other states in the country. Next, is the fact that we are never allowed to use red tint on our client’s automobiles. We are allowed to tint the rear window and rear passenger windows as dark as you would like. If you have a passenger side mirror in the front of the vehicle, then we are allowed to tint the driver and passenger side windows to 30% VLT (visible light transmission). The rules let us put a four-inch strip of tint on your windshield that helps us cut down on the overall glare that you are exposed to while driving your vehicle. By having our technicians service your vehicle, you will be guaranteed to get an awesome product at one of the most competitive prices in the local area. Please give our friendly staff a call today if you have any questions.

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